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Divine Covenant  acquaints you with 44 characters of the Hebrew Bible (the « Old » Testament). As they tell of themselves, they will be speaking about you too, and how, at the time of the drawing,you resonate with their personal dynamics and the events of their lives. They will become your friends and their stories a source of inspiration and spiritual wisdom.  The guidebook offers explanations and insights ; it completes the set.

It also gives some suggestions for amusing and educational use by groups.

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How the Cards Work

Divine Covenant is a psycho-spiritual wisdom card deck that speaks to us about the Bible and about ourselves.

The Bible is the sacred text of the Judeo-Christian world. It is our spiritual heritage. Its archetypical characters, its myths and narratives inhabit our collective consciousness. We too inhabit the Bible. Each character and each situation has the potential to resonate with us and with the events of our lives.

This deck is based on the characters of the Hebrew Bible, sometimes referred to as the First or the Old Testament.

The Bible tells us that our Source, which we usually refer to as God, Creator, Father or Lord (and that we could also call Love or Life…) has made a covenant with humankind.

This covenant involves our inner self. It is an indestructible and eternal bond between the invisible, spiritual part of every soul and the human being that we are, manifested three-dimensionally here on earth.

The Bible abounds in teachings, an inexhaustible supply. It speaks to each of us individually and cannot be encased in dogma.

The characters of the Bible are, of course, men and women. However, masculine and feminine energies are present in each of them, just as they are in each of us. A man may see himself reflected in the story or character of Myriam, just as a woman may identify with Moses. Spirit, which integrates both the masculine and the feminine, dwells beyond our incarnate self as a man or a woman. That is why each card that you draw will speak to you, whoever the character may be.

How This Deck Was Born

As a prison chaplain, I would visit those inmates who requested to see me. A chaplain offers moral support and spiritual counsel. The penitentiary administration allows the Bible and spiritual literature. However, the Bible can be a very hard read for many and is not always appropriate, at least at the beginning.

I was accustomed to visiting a young man accused of bank robbery and sought to help him become aware of his spiritual dimension in a way that that would be inspiring, educational and fun. Since he was readily open to the idea of the invisible, I began bringing a set of cards showing angels and archangels, each with a message of encouragement or wisdom. The young man would draw one or several cards and we would discuss the messages. He was enthused: “Wow! This really speaks to me!” At each visit, I would hear, “Hey, have you got the angels with you today?”

I looked for a similar type of deck illustrated with Bible characters. Not only could these beings, as the archetypes they are, speak to the young man, they might even incite him to explore the narratives where they appear. At the very least, they would awaken him to a world unknown to him, making reference, as they do, to everyday life and to our common humanity. We are all interested in ourselves, in how we function! From the start, he would feel personally involved.

Cards as a means to discover the world and ourselves have been in use since the Renaissance.  Today this tradition is back in favor.

However, I wasn’t able to find the deck I needed! Apparently it was up to me to create it. Everyone can relate to the characters it presents—no need to be in prison! The project inspired my artist friends who have accompanied me on this venture with their talent by providing many of the illustrations. I thank them with all my heart.

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