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Divine Covenant will help you to know yourself in the here-and-now of your energies by mirroring back to you a Biblical character. This character will speak to you about yourself and your life thanks to his or her story, outlined in the guidebook. Only one slender strand of the wisdom conveyed in the Bible has found a place here, but one could write volumes on these narratives (indeed, many commentators have done so over the centuries!). It is possible to read on several levels (literal, metaphorical, symbolic, etc.), and interpretations are unlimited. If you wish to know a character and his/her story better, the Biblical references given in the guidebook will help you to find, explore and discover more.

*It is interesting to note that in the Acts of the Apostles (1: 25-26), the followers of Jesus pray and then “cast lots”, knowing themselves to be divinely guided, to find out who will best replace Judas among the twelve. It corresponds to the method we are using here today to choose the card or cards that will be right for us!


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