Un coup d’œil sur les ouvrages de Louise :

Louise Thunin écrit en français et en anglais. Voici ses ouvrages dans l’ordre de parution.

Les livres de Louise peuvent se commander en librairie ou sur Internet. 
L’auteur a également quelques exemplaires à disposition qu’elle pourra envoyer.

Writing the Book of Ester (novel)

Celia Davis, an American-born English teacher in the Loire valley of France, is intrigued by one of her students, a mysterious foreigner named Mehdi. He and his sister Zahra are the children of a Muslim father, killed in the Iraqi bombing of Tehran, and a Jewish mother nicknamed « Ester, » in reference to the Biblical Esther, the Jewish wife of a Persian king.

How do humans live with repression and the fear of difference ?  Is there room for tolerance and compassion ? This saga is a tale for our times, finding mythical depth in the Biblical story of Queen Esther.