Un coup d’œil sur les ouvrages de Louise :

Louise Thunin écrit en français et en anglais. Voici ses ouvrages dans l’ordre de parution.

Les livres de Louise peuvent se commander en librairie ou sur Internet. 
L’auteur a également quelques exemplaires à disposition qu’elle pourra envoyer.

Chats with Le Chat Gourmet (written with Susan Marx)

These  chats are an e-mail exchange across the Atlantic between feline pen pals.  Ioda, born in Paris, is a black allée cat.  Kelly Kat Katz is a Jewish-Irish (vive la diversité !) American cat, adopted as a special-needs pet.  When their mistresses’ backs are turned, the cats grab the (computer) mice and write to each other, very often about food (simple recipes are included).

Writing the Book of Ester (novel)

Celia Davis, an American-born English teacher in the Loire valley of France, is intrigued by one of her students, a mysterious foreigner named Mehdi. He and his sister Zahra are the children of a Muslim father, killed in the Iraqi bombing of Tehran, and a Jewish mother nicknamed « Ester, » in reference to the Biblical Esther, the Jewish wife of a Persian king.

How do humans live with repression and the fear of difference ?  Is there room for tolerance and compassion ? This saga is a tale for our times, finding mythical depth in the Biblical story of Queen Esther.

Mariam’s Wedding Gift and Other Offerings

Louise Thunin brings together, in this collection, fifteen of her short stories, a number of which were prize-winners and have appeared in various literary reviews.  The stories are peopled with characters of varying cultural backgrounds, including Iran, Bosnia, Russia, France, England, America..  A common thread runs through all : meeting « the Other », with the challenges and gifts he or she represents, while remaining always a variation on the theme of who we are.