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Cards and guidebook entirely bilingual (English-French)

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It’s been said that our language is a journey of the soul.  If that’s so, I seem to have entered this world with a suitcase !  I departed from a country called « English » and have arrived in another, called « French. »  I find my homeland on the page, whichever language I choose.  I like what happens there : this threefold encounter of author, reader, and the page that brings us together.  There, the mystery of our connection expresses itself over and over, thanks to the intangible medium of consciousness, where our thoughts come and go, meet and disperse.  I thank all those who agree to enter and share this space with me.

Louise Thunin, born in the United States (New Jersey), is a bilingual author.  She has published short stories, novels and three books of creative non-fiction, chronicling, in diverse forms, her experiences as a chaplain in a men’s prison.  Louise has created an « oracle »  deck, Divine Covenant, Biblical wisdom cards, accompanied by a guidebook.  This strikingly illustrated deck is one of a kind, and its presentation is entirely bilingual. You can enjoy it alone or with others.

Joy Takes the Subway

I don’t go to Paris often, but when I do, it seems I spend most of my time in the subway (métro). The younger crowd are all busy with their smartphones.  Only the tourists keep an eye peeled, and for good reason.  Everything is new, and moreover, better get off at the right station.   Each subway car I entered on Tuesday had its beggar, and even some of those didn’t make any more eye contact with me than did the other travelers ; even they were in a hurry and preoccupied !

In the afternoon I got some good news that made me feel joyful.  It’s odd, because in the trips that followed I came upon fellow commuters with a welcoming look, who even smiled.  Smiled at one another and at me. It was magical !

How did it happen ? A stroke of luck, of coïncidence, or was it a hint of my own inner joy that was contagious? There, we can see (maybe !) an example of what Peter Brook, the British theatrical director, calls shared mind.   Jung explains it.  A Course in Miracles affirms it : There are no private thoughts

We need to be vigilant, for not only the flu is contagious ! At the very least, let’s try and look at our subway neighbors with kindness, for invisible wavelengths connect us to one another far more than we can imagine.