A Glimpse at Louise’s Work :

Louise Thunin writes in English and in French.  Please find here below her works in order of their publication.

Louise’s books can be ordered from bookshops or on the Internet.
She also has some copies available at home that she can send.

Divine Covenant, Biblical Wisdom Cards

Divine Covenant  (Alliance divine in its French version) acquaints you with 44 characters of the Hebrew Bible (the « Old » Testament). As they tell of themselves, they will be speaking about you too, and how, at the time of the drawing,you resonate with their personal dynamics and the events of their lives. They will become your friends and their stories a source of inspiration and spiritual wisdom. 

The guidebook offers explanations and insights ; it completes the set (which is entirely bilingual, English-French). 

It also gives some suggestions for amusing and educational use by groups.

This beautfully illustrated set was printed in France; the cards by a "green company" and the guidebook on recycled paper, manufactured locally.